A Recipe for Delicious Morning Minas Coffee by Salvador Mourra

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A Recipe for Delicious Morning Minas Coffee by Salvador Mourra

Post by Admin on Sat Dec 23, 2017 4:44 pm

It was a Tuesday morning and I was exhausted and had to have some coffee. I went over to the sink to fill up a quart size water contained to place in the coffee maker. I then looked for my favorite coffee minas but could not find one so I placed some plain flavored coffee in the coffee maker. I knew this would not be a good day. I then turned the coffee maker on but no power. Yes, this would definitely not be a good day.

I followed the coffee maker cord to the the power strip and then to the wall outlet. All was plugged in and looked like it was in the on position. I took the coffeemaker plug from the outlet strip and plugged it directly in the outlet but still no light at the coffee maker. I then plugged it into another outlet and still no light at the coffeemaker. I wanted my coffee!

I then went to the cabinets to look for a coffee pot. I had one from years previously but had not used it in some time. I looked on the top shelf and it was not there either. So, I decided to just use a regular pot. I did manage to find a medium size pot so I brought it to the faucet and filled it up and walked it over to the stove. I placed the coffee flavored pouch in the pot and waited several minutes for it to boil and then turned off the stove.

I took a wooden spoon and swishes it around a few times in the pot and the pouch burst open. There were coffee bean bits all over in the boiling water. I guess the pouch was not made for boiling hot water from a stove and only to take the heated water in a coffee maker. I then looked went through my cabinet and found another pot and also looked from a strainer in one of the kitchen drawers. I would strain the coffee with grains through the strainer into the other pot. Afterwards just sweeten to taste, and now you should have delicious coffee. Not Minas, but with a little imagination just as good when you need your coffee.


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